It’s very unlikely that moving home has ever made anyone’s top-things-to-do list. Let’s be real, it kind of sucks. By setting yourself a list of manageable tasks to do the day you move, however, you can start living your best life from Day Dot in the new place.

To help immediately turn your new home into a sanctuary.

Here are 10 simple steps to do as soon as you arrive

Turn the water and power on

Because there’s nothing quite like a hot shower and having electricity at the end of a busy day.

Set up internet & all devices

Whether you work from home or simply can’t go one night without Netflix, one thing is certain: when you move into a new home setting up your internet connection and all of your devices is a priority.

Do a quick inventory of all boxes

When you – and all of your boxes – arrive at the new place, it pays to do a quick check to make sure everything arrived with you.

In fact, even before you move you can get started on an efficient un-packing system by sorting your items.

Update your home & contents insurance

When we finished our recent renovation, and moved everything into its space, making sure our home and contents insurance was up to date was high on the list.

Get spare keys cut

Give the home a good clean

When you move into a new place it’s a new beginning so you’ll want to start things off with a fresh start.

Plan your unpacking strategy

It’s one of the biggest tasks to tackle when moving into a new place and can be quite daunting.

Ideally you want to unpack a room at a time because like renovating, I always say it’s nice to have one room that’s sort of a retreat.

Make it feel like home

When you move into a new home it’s important that it feels like your little haven from the world early on. This means doing little things, like making the beds, soon after arriving on the first day.

Familiarise yourself with your new surrounds

Moving into a new home – and new suburb – can be hard to adjust to. So try getting out-and-about to familiarise the family with the area on Day One.

Get some sleep

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