It’s a hard task – sorting through all your possessions, packing them into boxes and then hauling the whole lot into your new abode. And one of the main worries is of course that something will either get lost or broken.

But what if we told you that with a few simple tips and tricks all that stress could dissipate?

What to think about before the move…

Get rid of items that no longer serve you a purpose. You’ll want to declutter. What’s the point of spending time, energy and money packing belongings that you no longer need?

Planning ahead will save you big in the long run, she adds. It’ll minimise your chances of getting overwhelmed on moving day and, at the end of the process, leave you thankful you did.

Now comes the actual task of packing. So, how do you box up your life?

Ultimately you want to pack items like with like. I would suggest moving room by room through your house and packing like items together. It’s going to make unpacking a lot less stressful.

Another tip? Pack kitchen items into smaller boxes. Crockery and other kitchen items can create a heavy box, but if you restrict them to smaller boxes, it’s unlikely to get too hard to carry.

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