Whether you’re a parent or a student, moving away to university is an exciting time in someone’s life: it’s the beginning of a new stage of learning and independence. While some university students remain at home while studying, others decide to move out and live on campus in a student dorm or college, or in their own place with friends or flatmates.

Uni students famously live in small places on small budgets, and with just the essentials, so if you’re moving away to attend university, you’ll want to ensure that you have the basics covered.

  • Call ahead and find out what’s provided
  • Only basic furniture and accessories are needed, as some will be provided by the university
  • Clothes and toiletries are essential
  • Study items such as laptops, computers, books etc.
  • Basic kitchen items so you can cut down on takeaways and save money

The student lifestyle is about doing a lot with a little, so there’s no need to fret if you feel like you’ve under-packed.

Picking up extras from the shops or borrowing from friends is the way to go at university, and it’s much easier to add to your basics than it is to move heavy furniture and unwanted items in and out of dorms and apartment

Keep your moving list simple and put your focus on your studies and making new friends.

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