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  • Pack of 4
  • Rubber Tape – Clear – VBM Branded – 48mm x 75m – packing tape that adheres strongly to a variety of board surfaces at temperature extremes
  • General purposes packing tape for high volume packaging – ideal for packaging that requires refrigeration
  • Tape applied with hand dispenser
  • Natural rubber will age & discolour with exposure to UV, but will generally hold its tack longer than hot melt adhesives



Our Box Shop is home to a range of moving supplies. Whether you’re moving house, redecorating or decluttering, we have the perfect packaging supplies for you. If you’re looking for boxes, our high-quality, reusable boxes are not only great quality, but affordable. Available in great value 10 packs, or individually, you can rest assured that your goods will be transported safely, and for a fraction of the cost.

We also offer packing and unpacking services if you would prefer, we do all the hard work for you. If you are booking our packing and unpacking services, no need to order here, instead and we will come running with everything. For pricing on our packing / unpacking services please refer to our Services.

Why Our Packing Supplies Are Great Quality

Our range of packing supplies are expertly crafted to assist you with your long-term storage needs. Our boxes are made to last – designed to suit your exact storage requirements, with reinforced bases to prevent breakage. Our boxes are also made from cardboard materials, ensuring that we are producing good products, in line with our business-wide focus. If you are in search of moving supplies that will stand the test of time, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a prolific mover, renovator or traveller, you will be able to rely on our high-quality boxes to last. If you are interested in decluttering and re-styling you home, you know that you can always refer back to your high-quality Greater Gold Coast moving supplies to store belongings while they are not in use. A purchase from the Greater Gold Coast Removals Shop is a storage investment! – not just for your immediate storage needs, but for your future decluttering requirements!