It’s nice to use a moving guide that starts several months in advance, allowing ample time to write up a list, that can be checked and re-checked.

But sometimes life gets in the way, and you need to move quick smart.

If you find yourself in need of moving house in an honest-to-goodness rush, there’s some things that you will absolutely need to do before you move.

Then there’s some things you may think you need to do, but they can be done from the comfort of your new home (once they get around to reconnecting your internet…)

Here is the moving guide of things to do right away, before panic sets in

  • Get a quote for your moving day
  • Organise your packing materials
  • Call the utility companies to organise transferring your services
  • List items online that you intend to sell
  • Re-direct your mail
  • Don’t forget: Connect gas and electricity before you move
  • Pack essential items for two to three days in advance

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