It’s impossible to move homes and not forget anything… or is it? Don’t underestimate the great power of the Moving Checklist – here, you don’t even need to make the list, we’ve done the hard yards for you.

So why the careful planning? Doesn’t this take more precious time? Well technically yes but planning in advance spreads the tasks out over a longer period, leaving you less flustered at crunch time: moving day.

Planning ahead will also enable you to book a removalist that works with your dates (potentially for a better price) and not put you at risk of limiting your options.

So, now you know planning is essential – how the heck do you do it? Check this Moving Checklist out below.

First and foremost, book Greater Gold Coast Removals. Once you’ve done that, start to think about the things you can donate or pass on to friends or family. There’s no point packing things you’re planning on ditching.

Two weeks out is when you start thinking about setting things up in your new home, like your internet.

Having all your ducks in a row well in advance will also make you prepared should you get any surprises on moving day, such as real estate agents unexpectedly bringing forward the date suddenly realising you need at least 10 more packing boxes.

Closer to the move, but still with more than a week to go, is when you should start packing – beginning with items you have absolutely no need for like out-of-season clothing and spare bedding.

Then comes moving day. Another tip? Don’t double handle things.

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